SalesLoft List custom fields

SalesLoft - List custom fields

Fetches multiple custom field records. The records can be filtered, paged, and sorted according to the respective parameters.

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SalesLoft, the leading sales engagement platform, transforms the way sellers engage with their customers by delivering a better selling experience. Our sales engagement platform helps teams set and execute on a cadence of phone, email, and social communications to convert more target accounts into customer accounts. The platform equips sales leaders with new capabilities to test, learn and adapt to ensure their sales reps execute on the most effective selling process for their account-based approach. SalesLoft delivers access to an extensive ecosystem of 3rd party integrations allowing teams to perform all their sales engagement from a single platform.

Curl command through

curl -v "{streamdata_token}&field_type={field_value}&ids={field_value}&include_paging_counts={field_value}&page={field_value}&per_page={field_value}&sort_by={field_value}&sort_direction={field_value}"

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